Audio Testimonials

Dear Manasi,

 I received with thanks, the relaxation and regression CD on
29th April, 2010. I am listening to the CD since then everyday. The suggestion is nicely developed in soothing voice. The CD can be played and listened any time in the day. The CD can be listened for any number of times a day.

T Rajgopalan (Pune, India. May, 2010)


Dear Manasi,

The sound quality is excellent.  Manasi sounds in unison with your soul. Therefore, to start with, one recognizes Manasi as part of himself/herself towards the journey of oneness. So far, if there was confusion about what was real and what was imagination, then the CD tells that all imaginations are part of some reality which happened at some time, or are going to happen.  That is why imaginations are different.  I was skeptical about a CD taking me towards past life. But I loved the listening, when Manasi says "Trust what is popping out to the mind".  To me, it was the essence of existence.  'Trust' is the wonder word which makes the CD invaluable.   

Whoever is reading my words here, is part of me, which makes me manifested in at least three different forms: Me, Manasi and you. When you listen to the CD and come out with your impression.. the manifestation becomes threefold in the order of you, Manasi and me:  with a scope of adding many more identities.  
The thought is thrilling!
Regards & love

Sangita Naik  ( Gowhati, India. May, 2010)

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