My Journey with Paintings

Colors and the Truth

Why do we feel so happy to see rainbow or colorful sky? A part of our soul goes there, experiences it and brings the experience back to us. Thus it brings in harmony, peace, calm, serenity, joy and love. We see the physical world through colors. Without colors, it is not visible.Close your eyes and you will see the color of your breath and color of every sound, just the way every sight has music too. Feel the colors of the beautiful touch of your lover. Every chakra has a color and these form the seven colors of the rainbow. The colors, the flow, the rhythm, the music along with innocence and consciousness….it all has the effect to heal one, to bring peace and harmony in its surroundings. As colors flow in a rhythm – we flow with them.

About my Paintings

I might have made more than 500 paintings in the last few years and how I wish time permits me to make one daily. I always painted as a child. But made my first oil on canvas just after my tenth class. And the work continued throughout my college days. Almost all of that art work was gifted to friends and relatives. After a break of 25 years, at 40 years of age, I plunged into painting. There was no intention of ever exhibiting this creation. Most paintings, for me, were mere rough work, which I would have simply thrown off, had I not received unexpected remarks/comments from people around, about the paintings.

Many people got spiritual experiences and also a sense of calm. Some saw divine faces or figures like the Christ, Buddha, Ganesh, Shivling, fishes, Om, sea water, Santa clause, the consciousness and much more (read some comments from the paintimonials link).. ...all of which I had no intention to paint. All I wanted to do was express myself through colors.

Thus, I began to study my own paintings and concluded that these are channelized and are high energy painting. They have a harmonizing and healing effect.Every painting is made a deep meditative state. The paintings have absorbed the energy of the universal truth. This truth, which is nothing but the consciousness, is the ESSENCE of these paintings.Every being is connected to this truth. It is a miracle to see howevery brush stroke or every painting looks new, every time I look at it.

During this research work, I visited various art galleries inFlorence, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. and theAjanta caves at Aurangabad (read my article on Ajanta in the Articles link of the Healing Centre). I studied the effect of various art works and tried to find out what exactlyattracts the masses to certain art forms. I thus concluded that it is the energy of any art form that one is attracted to. How it looks to each one and what techniques are used is irrelevant. This energy is the reflection of the artist. People unknowingly experience transformation within. Most are not even aware of the process of this transformation. But they at least know that they felt good. Some do make out their inner shifts instantly. Such art works become famous. Hence I strongly believe that there is no need to understand the theory of any form to be able to appreciate it. The experience is more than enough. Be it music, dance, painting or anything what so ever.

I then worked for several years to merge painting with healing. It is my humble effort to pass on these realizations and experiences to my students through my painting courses which heal deeply and takes them closer to enlightenment. Many blocked artists have been inspired to re-start the art in them.

Connect to the energy of the paintings and decide intuitively which one connects to you.
Enjoy the joy it brings in your life. 


Exhibitions (Venue,City,Date)

1)(solo) Darpan Art Gallery – Pune.India. Feb, 2011.

2) Utsav and Sakal International Interiors Exhibitions -  Pune.India. Sep and Nov, 2010

3) Pyramid of the Pyramid Spiritual Society of India, at Global Congress Seminar – Bangalore, India. Oct, 2009.

4)( solo) Modern Art Gallery - Russian Roerich Art gallery at Naggar,Manali,Himachal Pradesh, Inida. May, 2011.

5) About 150 paintings are displayed in The Pyramid (PSS) near Bangalore; Pyramid (PSS) in Mulund, Mumbai ; Kohinoor heritage in Naggar, Manali ; HaathiMahal of Royal Resorts in Goa; Kaivalyadham Yoga institute of Lonavala, Pune.

I have my own art gallery, at my healing centre in Pune,India. The gallery/healing centre has immense silence with a high energy. “Being at the centreshould be an experience in itself” - is my humble effort. You are most welcome to find YOUR CENTRE at “My Centtre”.

love & regards