Courses Offered

  • 1. "Painting & healing the inner child”
  • 2. “Find the Dancer, Painter/Poet Within You”
  • 3. “Connect to existence with water colors”
  • 4. “Connect to your being through portrait making”

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Evolution of the courses:

Hidden artist

While I was studying the healing effects of my paintings, I experienced that most people express their desire to paint, but felt sad that they could not. Many said that they did not understand paintings. Well, I was surprised. Why would one not understand paintings? Many feel the urge to paint, dance or write, but somehow just cannot? They feel fear, procrastination or frustration that art creation is just not meant for them. Yet they feel incomplete for not being able to fulfill these urges! Why would one not enjoy dabble with painting, if he/she wished to? Why is it that art forms are meant for a few? It is so natural and we all have a right to experience beautiful things in life.

Then I went on to research and find out the reasons. I experienced turmoil and a sense of deep uneasiness within for about 3 years. With deep meditation, more and more of painting practice, and Osho discourses, something began to emerge …answers began to flow.

Each person has an artist hidden in him/her. And this artist is unique. His/her experience is esoteric. After-all, who has discovered or invented techniques to create an art work? A human being, right? Techniques are not made by god. We evolve the techniques. We need to understand that each one can have his own technique and that the technique which works for one may not work for the other. In-fact, we need to free ourselves from the techniques we learn, only then, can we find what lies within us.

If a mother would teach her child to walk the way she walks, would the child ever learn to walk? Similarly, you cannot express yourself through other’s ways and methods. You are different always. Can a rose be like a sunflower?

To be an artist is a natural state of our being. We are the creators and we are the creation. Art is freedom of the soul. It has no rules or boundaries.

We have blockages which have stopped us from connecting with the artist within us. In short, most humans are blocked artists. We need to release these blocks and find that little, innocent and Godly artist in us.

What is the origin of these blocks? These blocks are usually formed in our childhood and/or our past lives. Our education system, competitions, comparisons made during our childhood, societal conditioning, parents, teachers….knowingly or unknowingly, block the art and suppress it. Many professional artists too are blocked or limit themselves by binding themselves with techniques...

For example, If the child paints a green sky, he is condemned and told not to make it green. Just this one statement can completely stop the child from getting back to colors. His uneasiness remains even as he grows. There is a strong urge to paint, but he just cannot get himself to the colours. Thus there are many who know that they can paint well, they feel like painting, but something stops them from taking the brush in hand. And they are frustrated. They procrastinate their urge to express. The same goes with other art forms too.

The integration

As I was getting my answers, the artist and healer within me, were merging. I felt more peace within. Past-life and child-hood healing (my core areas of work) got integrated with colors, paper, canvas, brush, hands, water and a lot of beautiful mess to the rhythm of music and dance. The course, ‘Find the painter and dancer within you and heal yourself’ finally took birth.

Masters guided me to formulate some beautiful meditations and several exercises to unblock the artist and heal. Other blocked areas of life - relationship, health, fears get cleared too. The whole process is enjoyable. Students/subjects can experience a renewed childhood and a re-birth and also make several paintings which they would love to frame and display. They can get the confidence to express with joy and spontaneity. They feel a sense of completion. The course brings out the innermost hidden emotions, desires, joys, peace and LOVE!

You can continue to explore and find the type of art work or medium you connect with, most. Eventually, connect to your own style and techniques to express what is unique/esoteric within.

Why Painting?

Painting is indeed an important expression since the painter uses the sense of sight, smell, sound and touch. Moreover, the imagination allows him/her to use other senses as well. The painter can dabble with the desired medium. Eg: One may make a smooth wash of a lovely blue or one may even scratch the paper with a hard pencil - it does not matter how the painting looks or it does not matter whether the painter is an "artist" (certified by society) or not. Painting is an easy way of expression, which can be used anytime, anywhere without disturbing anything or anyone. One can work in isolation or in the company of others too. It brings out these feelings in a most joyful and playful way only allowing the painter to flow with these releasing energies.

Why do we feel so happy to see rainbow or colorful sky? A part of our soul goes there, experiences it and brings back the experience to us and harmonizes us. It brings us peace, calm, serenity, joy and love. We see the physical world through colors. Without colors, it is not visible. Close your eyes and you will see the color of your breath…. the color of every sound, just like every sight has music! Feel the colors of the beautiful touch of your lover! Every chakra has a color and these form the seven colors of the rainbow. Every emotion has a color that keeps changing with the changing emotion.

The painter, most of the times, may not know "what exactly" he or she is bringing out through colors. But the various colors, the soft brush, the flowing water, the smooth crayons, the hard painting knife, the fingers, the warm palms.... are all helping to connect the higher powers. With deeper meditation and ‘saadhana’, some may experience activation of the ‘Kundalini’ energy.

Every Art form only takes us closer to God... our Source,
from where we have all come! So dear friends, paint your way to the almighty!