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Hi Manasi!,

You had asked me to write something up to put up on your website. Here goes:

I have had the singular good fortune of receiving past-life regression sessions as well as training from Manasi over the past few months.

Through my journeys into the past she has been present by my side to guide me through each episode, with profound understanding and unconditional acceptance. She is very generous with her time, as well as sharing knowledge, and is a very centred, grounded guide and teacher who has seen all our human dramas before.

She encourages you to work in a very intuitive and compassionate way, and the learning received from her -- directly as well as from being around her, gives you the confidence to tackle anything without fear and with compassion. Merely being in the presence of her infectious spirit, one feels loved, accepted, unshackled and free.

Thank you Manasi, for being there

Anita (Risk Analyst at Credit Suisse)

Dear Manasi Ma'am,

I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, and the endless patience and dedication you harbour for your work. Till a couple of months ago, I could not have been the girl I am now. I am so glad I decided to contact you when I was going through a difficult time. The distant reiki you gave me has helped me too. It is a pleasure just to talk to you. I will keep doing my homework, and work towards building a better me. Thank you once again.

Sangita Bijlani (Student -Bio-Technology. Gauhati, India. Oct. 2013)

Dear Manasi Aunty

Thank you so much for showing me the path . I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to do what I am currently doing if you weren't there . No one could clear my mind like you did in just an hour. Till date I cannot miss out mentioning you when anyone asks me when and how did you decide to join this profession. Your guidance made me so clear that I know I would never question my decision ever again and it has actually helped me in most of the decisions I take now.

Your inspiring & true words mean a lot to me. Its more like God speaks through you and dad to me. Hope all well at your end and hope to meet you soon.

Avni Kapoor (Chef, Delhi, India. June 2012)

Dear Manasi

I had called you around 6 months back to enquire PLR session for unknown fear I had which was becoming trouble for me and had affected my professional and personal life a lot.

After our first call, you called me to discuss this more. When we had our first discussion about this, I got confidence that this fear can be removed and I made my mind to go for PLR sessions as suggested by you. During our sessions, I got to know the exact cause of fear. We did number of PLR sessions which made me relaxed. I am doing homework as suggested by you on daily basis and it is helping me a lot.

You also did distant reiky for my sister and mother which has helped them a lot in their personal life.

Prasad Gadgil (Software Engineer, Pune, India. June 2011)

Dear Manasi

My joys have enhanced two folds after experiencing therapy from you. Rays of light have enlightened the incompletion of some aspects of my life and this light and joy has reached my soul. I can feel that my purpose of life, which was missing, is opening up in front of me.  Every moment is a moment of meditation and I have learnt the art of living life. May god open the doors for everyone and may all live with joy and awareness.

Mahendra Gupta (C & F Agent. Raipur, India. April 2011)

Dear manasi,

Many of my questions were answered by her in very calm and composed manner. Most importantly it was spoken with great authority.
The kind of authority that comes only to those who really know what they are talking about.

She allows us to be and explore without judging us.

This allows us to relax. Be open. Truthful.

She has this unwavering faith in what is being conducted simultaneously show great faith in the client’s hidden potentials.

Subtly we are nudged to discover the areas hitherto unknown to us. We are not only guided but also encouraged us to seek roots of our difficulties on our own.
This way it is ensured that we become independent of her support in future.  

It helped me to understand my hidden fears, my automatic responses and recurring events in my life. This is not some magical place where one’s life turns golden in one go.
However, I can safely say it is the place where I definitely learned something’s to improve quality of my life.    
Pramod N Bhosle (General Manager, Pune, India. March 2010)

Dear Manasi,

First of all accept my warm hug. Now let me give you the feed back. Actually I was not very keen to be a past life therapist.
Your strong belief in me and your authoritative request to join in as a friend changed my mind. Sincerely speaking first two days,
I was in a state that I know most of these things and I don't wanna be a past life therapist due to shortage of time and it requires a lot of patience.
But gradually I realized that Manasi is a ocean of love, knowledge and experience in her field. I felt lucky and proud to be associated with

you and to learn it from you.

You trained us in such a play way method that I did not realize, that I was into a training programme.

You are really very good in your field and I feel that you have much more knowledge than what we see.
All the best for your future life.

God bless you with health, wealth, love and spiritual prosperity.
With lots of love, hugs and gratitude,

Jitendraa Singh (CEO Priyadarshani group of schools. Pune, India.  November 2009)


Dear Manasi,
It was lovely  being with you in the Two days work shop in Delhi on the weekend.

Workshop was great and it has  benefited us a lot. Frankly there  was a bit of skepticism in our mind initially about the PLR as most of us are  ignorant about the "Science " behind the PLR  ( Past Life Regression) and are ignorant about the fact that  meditation technique and PLR  are  so closely linked.

It was a revelation how  breathing can be used  to open blockages and help us to cleanse the  negativity from our being .You have taken great pains to put together the modules of the workshop beautifully. PLR will  surely help thousands in overcoming their day to day miseries and lead a happy and contented life. It will bless and help them to come out of their sufferings and will give a new purpose and meaning to their lives.

May the divine bless you with the energy to take this to millions who need this help.

Mamta & Rohit  (Healer and SBU – Head, Times of India. Delhi, India. November 2008)


Dear Manasi

These two days, I feel is not enough. The workshop should be of 5 days. I feel relaxed and understand my own problem very accurately and now I have the solutions to all my questions.
I now know what I have to do rather, what I love to do. My experience is immense and I have no words. I would love to know more about myself with these or related workshops.

Thank you Manasiji.

JEETIKA DUNEJA (Home-maker, Delhi, India.  July 2009)

“Manasi”, this name has a lot of significance for me.. I am a medical doctor and a spiritual researcher as well as a past life regression therapist.

I met to Manasi on internet. I got confirmed that she is a very good master. We also talked several times on phone every time when she speaks to me,
I feel highly energetic and blissful. I knew my skills are the best as my thorough study and research used to tell but I was lacking the skills for how to use these skills.

This time again my teacher was Manasi, as she guided me in soft words on how keep my ego  aside and to work for a spiritual and heavenly cause.
Like a supreme guardian, she was rendering help. When I met with her in Pune, I visited her institute which was shouting as to how much work had been done on that .
I saluted her for her selfless attitude and an immense desire to help someone in spiritual path. She gave me a breath work session which was really amazing.
It showed how perfect she is. At the same time, I congratulated the humanity for getting such a nice master and to myself for getting an enlightened colleague.
I hope she will keep on doing what she is upto.And i will also learn alot from her.

Truth and love
Dr.Peeyush prabhat (Medical Doctor. Patna, India. March 2009)


Dear Manasi,

It was really excellent workshop attended at "My centre".
It has opened up new world of experience & changed my views forever.
I have many things to share in this regard, specifically "Law of attraction".

I am doing meditation , but still missing regularity.
We are doing very good in business , as if people were waiting for us.
Believe me we wanted to start business right from erection of the plant & project , but we have got unexpected support from somebody ( Sometime back my partner has helped him to get order in his company.) to use his workshop of 5000 sqr.ft. in Bhosari.

Now we are  thinking to build even machines since we have got facility.
You might be knowing cost of workshop in Bhosari, we have got it free, Imagine.
Yes still enquiries are not materialized, but opportunities found are great.

What I learned from you is logical understanding of events, relations, experiences.
How & why it took place. And Natural flow of universe.

One thing is for sure, after attaining your workshop, I could understand the things very clearly, none of my earlier workshops, courses, knowledge, education has given me such understanding of what I do. Nobody, no book has given me such a great understanding.

Ravindra  ( Engineer & Industrialist. Pune, India.  August 2008)


You are the most creative PLR therapist I have met.....the different innovative methods you use to conduct sessions are unimaginable.
Your command on this topic is amazing and
it is also amazing to see your belief in your passion towards healing others .
The study and efforts you have put in it are really great.
Yes , you are a phenomenon!!
Love you.
Keep up with the great work.......

Smita Wankhade (Past-life Healer. Nasik, India. March 2009)